Welcome to the temporary web page of St Bartholomew’s Anglican Church, Burnley, Richmond, Victoria

While we develop our new website, here are some basics for you; and thanks for visiting!


21 May Sixth Sunday of Easter

  • 9.00am Morning Prayer
  • 10.00am SUNG EUCHARIST
    • Celebrant & Preacher – Fr Matthew Healy, Vicar
    • Children’s Ministry – Evan Costello & Helen McDonald

Monday, 22 May

  • 9.30am Morning Prayer
  • 10.00am—4.00pm Opportunity Shop
  • 5.00pm Evening Prayer

Tuesday, 23 May

  • 9.30am Morning Prayer
  • 10.00am—4.00pm Opportunity Shop
  • 5.00pm Evening Prayer
  • 7.00pm Eucharist
  • 7.30pm School of Prayer

Wednesday, 24 May

  • 9.30am Morning Prayer
  • 10.00am—4.00pm Opportunity Shop
  • 12.30pm Eucharist
  • 5.00pm Evening Prayer

Thursday, 25 May

  • 9.30am Eucharist
  • 10.00am—4.00pm Opportunity Shop
  • 10.30am—12noon St Bart’s Playgroup
  • 5.00pm Evening Prayer.

Friday, 26 May

  • 10.00am—4.00pm Opportunity Shop

Saturday, 27 May

  • 10.00am—4.00pm Opportunity Shop

28 May Ascension Sunday

  • 9.00am Morning Prayer
  • 10.00am SUNG EUCHARIST
    • Presiding – Bishop David Farrer
    • Preaching – Fr Matthew Healy
    • Mass Setting – ‘Shalom’ by Colin Smith cfc
    • Children’s Ministry – Deacon Claire Morgan & Evan Costello



Parish Schedule 2017


9.00am Morning Prayer

10.00am CHORAL or SUNG EUCHARIST (except 5th Sundays)

with Godly Play within the State School Term

11.00am FAMILY EUCHARIST & Parish Lunch (5th Sundays)


Morning Prayer: 9.30am Monday to Wednesday

Evening Prayer:  5.00pm Monday to Thursday

Eucharist: 7.00pm Tuesday;  12.30pm Wednesday;  9.30am Thursday

Riverside House: 11.00am 1st & 3rd Tuesday of each month


Wardens Meeting: 7.30pm, 1st Tuesday of each month

Parish Council: 7.30pm, 3rd Tuesday of each month


St Bart’s Play Group:

Thursdays 10.30am-12noon Mums/Dads/Carers & Kids

Bell Tower: 

Service Ringing: 1st, 3rd & 5th Sundays 9.15-10.00am

Practice ringing: Thursdays 7.00-8.30pm

Richmond Churches Food Centre (at St Ignatius Centre, Richmond)

Monday & Friday 9.30am—2.00pm


Spiritual, Social & Outreach Ministry

Study Group: 11.45am Sundays (as advertised)

LGBTQ+ Group: 7.30pm 2nd Tuesdays

School of Prayer: 7.30pm 4th Tuesdays

Quarterly Notes: 7.30pm 5th Tuesdays

Parish Lunch: 12noon 5th Sundays


Location: Church Hall, 300 Burnley Street, Richmond

Hours: Monday to Saturday 10.00am to 4.00pm



Address: 300 Burnley Street, Richmond, Victoria, 3121

Phone: 9429 7223 (Parish and Opportunity Shop)

Email: stbartsburnley@gmail.com

  • Vicar: Rev Matthew Healy
  • Assistant Curate: Rev Claire Morgan
  • Director of Music: Edwin Kwong