Café at St Bart’s?

St Bart’s is to establish a café as a social enterprise, and it anticipated that it will open in January 2020. Construction of the cafe ought to be complete by mid-June  2019.

The location of the Café is at the front area of the Church Hall. It will have both indoor and outdoor seating.

The purpose of the café – other than to provide great coffee and good food! – is to be a training place in hospitality for disadvantaged people from Richmond and beyond.

This could include people who are

  • long term unemployed
  • refugees and asylum seekers
  • people with disabilities
  • homeless people

St Bart’s has been a part of the Richmond (Burnley) community since 1885, and we have a good track record of standing by and assisting the socially disadvantaged people of Richmond. The cafe will work in partnership with church based organisations that can provide pathways for training and employment.

The people of Richmond have supported us for over 130 years. Most recently that same good will has been shown to us by the generosity of donations to, and support of, St Bart’s Opportunity Shop.

The Café is one way we can contribute back into the community. A contribution that changes people lives for a better future with hope and dignity.

If you have any questions about our proposed social enterprise, please contact Fr Matthew on 9429 7223 or


12 October 2017