Vision, Mission, Belief

Our Vision

To live as citizens of, and invite others into, God’s Kingdom.

Our Mission

The Mission of St Bartholomew’s Anglican Church, Burnley, is to be a community who value the blessings and trust in the promises of God’s Kingdom within the cultural and social context of Richmond, Melbourne:

  • To live humbly before God and with all people
  • To be dependent on God’s comfort
  • To be gentle with people and all creation
  • To hunger and thirst for the right ways of God
  • To show mercy and compassion toward others
  • To live with purity in motive and deed
  • To be passionate for peace
  • To persevere in the face of opposition

based on the Beatitudes (Matthew 5:3-10) and adopted by the 2015 Annual Meeting

We Believe

  1. there is one God, who is a Trinity of Persons
  2. in the person of Jesus Christ, the Word made flesh, the Servant King
  3. in the teachings of holy Scriptures, interpreted by
    • tradition
    • reason
  4. in the work and mission of the Anglican Church that:
    • is a part of the one, holy, catholic and apostolic church
    • maintains the threefold orders of ministry (Bishops, Priests and Deacons) in Apostolic Succession
    • is a global communion of autonomous churches grouped nationally or by region.
  5. in a tradition that is
    • liturgical
    • sacramental
  6. in a ministry that is oriented toward
    • pastoral care
    • social justice

We are

a Christian community in the Anglican tradition that is:

  • friendly and hospitable
  • inclusive and open
  • made up of people who are old and young, of many languages and cultures, straight and LGBTIQ+, single or married or separated/divorced or widowed.
  • called to be a people modeled on Christ, the servant of reconciliation and peace

We have

  • a fine tradition in liturgy and music, outreach and pastoral care
  • a well maintained precinct with
    • a beautiful church
    • a hall
    • a vicarage
    • an Opportunity Shop
    • a social enterprise Cafe (under construction)
    • lovely gardens
    • a refurbished bell tower with a newly installed peal of six bells