Safe Church Policy

The Parish of St Bartholomew’s, Burnley Street, Richmond, is clear that it will do all that is possible to be a Safe Church, wherein all people can know that they can be a part of the church without any fear of harm and abuse (physical, emotional, sexual, spiritual, personal). We respect every person, give honour to every person, and view each person as having a God given dignity. Anything less isn’t Christian.

Here are just a few examples of peoples that we welcome with the uptmost respect, honour and dignity within a safe environment: children and youth, families, senior citizens, women, LGBITIQ+, ethnic cultures, and more.

Below please find some information to assure you that we take these matters with the upmost seriousness, and can assist you in the event that the safety protocols are breached. Your safety and wellbeing is the primary concern of the parish.

The Parish, as a part of the Anglican Diocese of Melbourne, takes all complaints of misconduct very seriously. This information is intended to help you if you wish to/are required to make a complaint, have been or are being abused or harassed by a member of the Anglican Diocese of Melbourne.

Making a complaint about clergy or church officers and duties to report

Kooyoora Ltd has been appointed by the Melbourne Diocese to respond to all complaints of misconduct including sexual, physical, spiritual or emotional abuse by clergy or Church officers, including Regional Bishops. Kooyoora Ltd is an independent Professional Standards company which undertakes Professional Standards work for not for profit charitable entities. To learn how to contact Kooyoora Ltd and the process of making a complaint, please use this link:

Making a complaint about the Archbishop

The Director of Episcopal Standards responds to all complaints of misconduct including, but not limited to, sexual, physical, spiritual or emotional abuse by the Archbishop. The Director is as independent as possible from the Diocese but is remunerated by the Diocese. To learn how to contact the Director and the process of making a complaint, please click here.